Injury fiasco to kick off vintage

Aaron is now on night shift…got a text from him Saturday night saying:

 “At hos hurt hand got 11 stitches, may need skin graft, all good tho, dont panic.”

He is of course aware that I’m prone to panic when anyone gets injured!  Anyway turns out he managed to take off a chunk of skin at the base of his thumb while in the process of showing the new vintage staff how to change a filter.  It’s all stitched up now…not quite Aaron’s idea of getting sewn up on a Saturday night 😉 but mending well.  

I thought he might of had some time off but it was straight back from hospital to the winery (I still blame Buck Shelford … Aaron has long been in awe of his continuing to play rugby with a torn scrotum!).   There is a real commitment to hard work over vintage that I havent seen in many other industries.  People will put everything aside and work their guts out.  They will work through the night, they will not take a day off for over a month and they will work 100 hour weeks if necessary.  Many staff are on salaries so there’s not even the incentive of extra large pay packets for all those long hours.  There is an understanding that it is only for about six weeks, that the job must be done and that it’s just part of life in the wine industry.  I am often amazed that in these days of the rights of the individual that no-one complains or that a union of some sort hasn’t evolved.   I’m guessing it might be different if the industry were city based but here in Marlborough there are still bloody hard workers who put the needs of the businesses they work for before their own.


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