You can almost see the growth

Summer has arrived and with the warm days you can almost see the leaves growing on the vines.  It’s incredible to think just a few months back they looked so barren.  Aaron has just finished wire lifting in the vineyard.  This simply involves lifting wires (that run the length of the rows) up and onto nails (on the posts) to help tame the quick growing vines.  It is hard going if you leave it too long as you then have to battle the weight of the plant and the surprising strength of the tendrils.  

With all the growth and the sheer area of Marlborough planted in grapes, it’s easy to think that there are grapes everywhere!  However it pays to keep in mind that we are but a drop in the bucket of world grape production.  It’s funny to think that places like India produce five times the tonnage of grapes that we do and that Iran makes the top ten as far as land area in grapes goes.  The reality is that most of little ole New Zealand’s grapes are grown in little ole Blenheim and while it may seem that we are swimming in the stuff here, on the world scale each year’s wine really is a limited release.

Anyway, we’re having a couple of days to celebrate a great year.  We are perched up down the Sounds and about to have a vino or two with the friendly folk from Forrest Estate who own the neighbouring bach.  Might have a laugh doing our own wine awards with some blind taste tests of each other’s product.  Though I suspect there will be plenty keen for a beer or a some spirits, as is often the case when winemakers get together and wish to forget all about work!  Happy New Year all – hope 2010 is a beaut for you!  And don’t forget our party on the 23rd of Jan 🙂


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