Baby Fiascos!

We have become an Aunty & Uncle again with my sister Abbie (our super graphic designer) and her husband Ross having just brought beautiful wee Anna into the world.  It’s been a bit of thrill for the family to have another girl as after our daughter Tahlia’s birth in 97, my parents have had six grandsons born.  So it’s nice to know we do still have the recipe ;-).  Of course the birth wasn’t without its fiascos, Nelson hospital were flat out and Abbie went into labour at exactly the time her midwife was away for a couple of hours at a funeral.  After finally getting some assistance she headed for the birthing pool for a bit of natural pain relief, only to decide she didn’t want to get out and as such Anna was an unplanned water-birth!  A bit of a fiasco but all are well and I’m afraid she was well and truly ‘out fiascoed’ by our good friend Julie of St Clair Wines who had her baby boy the same day…in the car in busy traffic in Sydney!!!  Check out Jule’s adventures here.   I think you girls both deserve a bottle of Fiasco, with the condition that you call in and collect it so we can cuddle your babies!


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