Trading Fiascos


Aaron arrives in as I am trying to cook tea and sort a restless little Archie.  He kindly says, “Hey you want me to take over?”  He tries to take the spatula from me – “Oh no you don’t” I say, “You can have Archie.”  I thought I’d soon put an end to his plan of sipping Black Pearl, giving the mince the odd stir and watching the news.  I handed over the grizzly lad.  Aaron took him with a big smile: “No worries, I’d love to have Archie.”   I smirked to myself, little did he know what he was in for… ten minutes later I poked my head into the lounge to see how they were getting on…I was sure to find a fiasco of nappies and Aaron pacing the room with a crying restless baby…


The boys were sound asleep on the couch!!!!!  How do they do that?? 

I should add that then I fluffed around getting photos and generally coming out of shock – before realising the oven was beeping and the lasagne looking decidly blackish on top.  🙂  So in finishing, apologies blog posts have been a bit sporadic of late – I will be back onto it soon, just gotta survive the first few weeks of newborn fiascos…and use Aaron more!


1 Response to “Trading Fiascos”

  1. 1 Amanda Inskeep
    July 30, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    I don’t know how they do it either but mine are in that exact position as I type!

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