Fiasco wines – now with anti-aging and skin softening tannins

I was a bit gutted to read that the majority of pharmacy sold cough and cold medicines are not only ineffective but quite possibly harmful to children.  And yet ever since I was a young’n I have been led to believe that such concoctions (excuse the pun 😉 )really were of medicinal benefit.  I had the syrups shovelled down my neck and have gone on to inflict the same ‘medicines’ on my kids – and they don’t come cheap either.

Perhaps someone can enlighten me as to why such products have been allowed to continue with their false advertising, unchallenged and untested for so long?  Are pharmacy medicines not tested?  I suspect some anti-wrinkle products may be in the same boat.  And yet Warehouse got pinged and fined recently for advertising breaches – one of which was a special when there was only very limited stock available – I mean at least there actually was a discount.

What’s to stop us whacking a big, fat porky on our bottles…do we go with anti aging and skin softening or perhaps enhanced libido… ;-).  

Oh that’s right – someone had the bright idea we’d keep it real…darn.   Although you never know what benefits could actually be lurking in the components of a glass of wine – I mean it appears an ice-cream ingredient can help protect against AIDS so anything is possible!


1 Response to “Fiasco wines – now with anti-aging and skin softening tannins”

  1. July 2, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    skin softening tannins ! how a good idea. Thanks for the attractive post

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