Vege garden fiasco


It is not easy for those with prime grape growing land not to plant grapes.  This is because the grape growing potential of the land makes it very valuable and that in turn leads to very high council rate bills.  It becomes expensive to leave a paddock for a horse to roam in, or for a few cows to wander.  But my folks have kindly chosen to leave a couple of paddocks surrounding our house as real farm paddocks.  It means our kids can run wild in a super large ‘backyard’ and get to have all sorts of pets.  It means we can enjoy the eggs of truly free range chooks and the bacon of our own pigs.  We can look out the window at cows wandering the green fields and can hear them ‘moo’ and know we are living in the country. 

Unless of course it’s 1 am and the moo-ing sounds extraordinarily loud.  I tap Aaron on the shoulder, “Hey Aaron, wake up, it sounds like the cows are just outside the window.”  Aaron grunts and goes back to sleep.  I decide to head outside and check, it is pitch black but there is a loud noise – the unmistakable chomping of a cow on our just ready to harvest corn…  Aaron is up in a flash and running to his carefully tended vege patch! Tired of their grassy diet the cows had gone on a mission, trampled the wire fence and had a midnight feast.  By daylight the plot looks even worse than imagined…


**!!!$$$$****   Are the cows days numbered?  Are they now destined for the dinner plate?  Well, it’d be one way of getting those vege nutrients back!


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