You can get our wine up there…very soon

The First Stop.

We were always going to mix our Auckland trip with business and pleasure.  Luckily we did.  I decided that I’d set a day aside during the holiday, and hit a few liquor outlets with our wares.   I loaded up the car with samples, donned the over-size red jandals, the winestein t-shirt, tried to practise the Fiasco mantra (couldn’t though….had that song This Sex is on Fire from the Kings of Leon stuck on my brain) and finally hit the mean streets of Auckland ready for knock backs at every corner.  I was prepared though.   I had the jandals as a secret weapon…they hurt!  First on the hit list was wine and more on the corner of Mt Eden and Duke st.  I decided to scope the place out and scuttled past, quickly glancing in, then walking into the dairy next door to get a drink.   I was hoping that having a drink first might wash This Sex is on Fire out of my brain.  Wouldn’t look good accidentally blurting this out while trying to make a sale.  Not funny, this sort of thing has happened to me before… in front of important people!

Righto,  I clear the mind and head for the shop doorway, trip on the curb, drop a bottle…but luckily it landed on some grass, regathered,  put the jandal back on and into the shop I go. 

G’day I’m Aaron Thompson from Fiasco Wines outta Marlborough.  “Hi, David Prescott Wine and more”……..I handed over some info about the wines and blurted out our story while he scrunched up his face.  I could see the knock back coming (more Savvy from Marlborough drone drone) so I started wiggling the toes to loosen the jandal.  Mmmm…I like the look of these Aaron, send up six cases when you get back home.  Yes!!

I chatted to David for quite a while, and from what I can gather he does things a little different…just like us.  He knows his wine, has got a really good range (of wines) up there, and really good priced Heineken to boot.  If anyone is around that way I recommend you call in and see David or click on the link above.  

Tell him the big, ugly, window peering guy from Fiasco sent you…he’ll know what you mean!

Anyhow, the first of our cases are on the way to the big smoke, with more going to The Barrow down town, and to a few New Worlds.  I will update all stockists in Auckland soon.

P.S. David, if you read this….was just kidding about the jandal!!




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