Can take the wine out of the farm. But can’t take the farm out of the wine

This is interesting and it has only just dawned on me.  Grapes are grown on vineyards or farms.  We harvest the fruit from the farm and then we throw the farm back in it.  Inadvertantly or on purpose. WHAT!!! You may ask.  It’s true!  Birds nests, rats, mice, all sorts of bugs and goodies arrive with the grapes at the winery.  I’ve even seen a lizard go into the mix.   Sometimes they get taken out, and sometimes they end up in the press getting squeezed with the grapes. Yum!. 

This is a list of some farm produce we intentionally throw into the wine when necessary

egg whites, milk, casein, carbon, fish guts (swim bladder), clay, fungi extract, acid, bacteria, yeast, sugar, sulphur, ground up animal hooves, and many years ago blood products.  The odd winemaker has also been known to spit back into tanks after tasting the tops of them.

It’s ok though most of this stuff is settled or filtered out.  I’m pretty sure no rats went into Fiasco but maybe the odd bug. 100% sure of no spit.

Here is what we added from the intentional farm additive list.

1. Clay….which is pretty necessary to stop the wine going cloudy in the bottle

2. Yeast….we need the alcohol!

3. Non of the other stuff



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