Discovering Auckland

With only a few days left on our Auckland adventure, I’d have to conclude that it has been a really worthwhile trip.   Went up the Skytower the other night – there was 3.8 cm glass flooring in patches of the observatory level.  A little sign said you could walk on it in safety and that it was in fact stronger than the concrete on the rest of the floor.  I approached it with great trepidation and had to look away as Finn and Aaron put it to the ‘jump five times as heavily as possible’ test.  It’s funny how our pre-conceived ideas about things can affect our thinking.  I just think of glass as something that I can break and that was a hard idea to put aside.  We have found a few of our pre-conceived ideas about Auckland to be totally wrong too, here’s a bit of what we have discovered…

The people are really friendly.  A lady in a shop asked us to stay and tell her what we thought various outfits looked like that she was trying on, a couple of bloggers who have never met us in person invited us around, anyone we’ve asked a question to has been very obliging, and everyone’s had a laugh at Azza’s jandals!  The wine marketing has been very positive with no outright ‘get lost’ type reactions.  The folk are honest too – I left a shopping bag at MacDonalds only to realise and return hours later to find that some kind shopper had handed it in.

The place is not impossible to navigate (especially with the help of Navman) and the drivers haven’t been crazy nor have we been stuck in a single traffic jam.

We drove around a lot of South Auckland and didn’t feel afraid.

It has hardly rained at all.

It is not just a concrete factory – there are sheep at the base of One Tree Hill and beaches everywhere that aren’t very crowded and there are loads of boats and lots of parks.

Other oddities we have found: 

there are ants (maybe this is just our campground) the minute you leave a crumb of food out;

they have schools named with a location then the word ‘Normal’ – eg Takupuna Normal.  I have no idea what this means or where the abnormal kids go;

They have car parks that display numbers like 1024 minutes or however many minutes 24 hours is, instead of just saying ‘Free Parking’;

People hire Sedges ? (those stand up things on wheels for the elderly or injured) as a recreation thing;

Boats leave on RIGHT on time, ie our boat from Waiheke Island left at 4 pm so when we arrived at 4.03 pm we had missed it.


I’m sure I could list a lot more but alas my internet time is rapidly expiring.  I’d better log off and leave you.


2 Responses to “Discovering Auckland”

  1. January 12, 2009 at 9:24 pm

    I never understood the ‘normal’ thing either! 🙂

    Cheers for the balanced report on Auckland – was great to hang out, even if just for a few hours (and I’m getting ready to pour me-self a glass of Gee Whiz) 🙂


  2. 2 Amanda Inskeep
    January 17, 2009 at 1:23 pm

    Hope you have some yummo Thai food to go with that Gee Whiz Dale?!

    Agghh those ants..its true you can’t escape them. So glad you had a great adventure, met lots of friendly Jafa’s, took in the sites, and enjoyed the sunshine! Wishing you every success with the Fiasco! We are looking forward to tapping into our bottle of Sav mmmmm Great stuff!!

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