Happy New Year


What a wonderful summer so far.  We had a week of brilliant weather in the Marlborough Sounds and plenty of adventure.  Discovered a glow-worm grove, had a pod of Orca pass right in front of us, drunk a bit of Fiasco (well I could only sniff the bottle and whistle loudly early New Years Day) , some did skinny dip leaps off the jetty at night, saw a meteorite burn up on New Years Day, shot 15 possums (that makes up for the pet eh DOC 😉 ), swam, fished, kayaked and walked by day then lounged in the hot tub by night.  It was so good we hardly noticed the new ban on cod fishing!   The family bach is a very special place as my Dad especially has put a massive effort into building and establishing the place.  The house is built from timber milled from the farm and its hard to believe now that only 15 years ago it was a bare hillside. 





The only negative was planning a day trip to the Portage Resort to find on arrival that the floating marina was closed – apparently it has a separate owner to the resort and something must of gone down between them.   It’s always a bit embarrasing when these things can’t be sorted ..unfortunately tourists were pulling up only to find they had to turn around and leave again  as there was nowhere to tie up their vessel.

We’ve had a few days back home sorting the washing and tomorrow night we embark on our mission to the North Island.  I’m more than a little apprensive about the ferry crossing as a few people have shared with me their horror stories of pregnancy nausea mixed with boat motion.  We arrive in Wellie at 1 am and will crash at the backpackers.  Aaron has some wine wheeling and dealing to do in the Capital before we spend a few days journeying to the big A.  It will no doubt be a fiasco as we trade Blenheim’s country roads for the highways of our largest city.  Aaron has teed up some meetings with various potential wine stockists so we can’t chicken out and not dive head first into the city.  If we find it, we will be staying at the Auckland North Shore Motel and Holiday Park from the 8th to the 15th.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get some internet access there and update you with how things are going!


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