Fiasco sponsors rogue Turkey!

Turkey Gobbler

Turkey Gobbler

Last Thursday a rogue Turkey was found gobbling around central Blenheim.  The bird, evidentially,  put on a real show and had local councillors, lawyers, animal control, and police in hot pursuit.  Eventually, the bald headed fowl was bought down in a blaze of glory by all listed above, and is now serving time out of town.   We here at Fiasco feel sorry for this plucky character.  We can sorta see ourselves within this bird.  Out in the big bad world by itself, not particularily good looking, beady eyed (Aaron anyway), shitting, pecking here and there, and making a general nuisance of itself.  So, we’ve volunteered to help the turkey out,  take the thing under our wing….and officially sponsor the feathery beast.  You see, we feel sorry for it.   They’re  endangered species this time of the year…………mmmm…….first Turkey……..maybe some ham could put in a special appearance in town…….
Tune in to More F.M next week for more on the Turkey

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