Jack of all trades…master of none

Well this morning Aaron and Tahlia headed off to Pine Valley for her school camp, leaving me at the Fiasco helm.  How hard could it be? 

Since starting Fiasco, Aaron has reduced his hours of work making wine at Indevin and has devoted some time to managing the sales & marketing of Fiasco.  This has taken some adjusting to – for me, not him.  I don’t like being the one who has to leap up first when the alarm goes off and I can’t resist getting home from my work and saying, “So what have you actually been doing?”  If the washing aint in I expect a pretty full job sheet for the day 😉 

And so it was that when Aaron left me a big list of instructions for his measly three day absence, I took a quick glance and said, “No problem, it’ll be a breeze.”  Looking a little anxious, he handed me his cell phone and headed off into the wilderness.  I proceeded to head to college for ‘Activities Day.’  This is a fun day we have towards the end of the year where the students are offered a whole range of activities that wouldn’t normally be part of the average school day.  I was taking a small group of teenagers for a tramp up Mt Vernon… with Aaron’s cell phone of course, and mine for back up.  9.15 am – Check phone…missed call…shit…call number back…it is our distributor:  “Look the 14 cases of wine due at Auckland Airport havent arrived yet, do you have a tracking number?” 

Aaron had given me loads of instructions about how to deal with new orders but hadn’t mentioned past orders…or had he?  The call proceeded to go something like this…

“Um, um, I’m not sure.  I don’t have the tracking number.  But I’m on a track, but that’s not much help is it, um sorry about the puffing it’s damn steep just here. I could look for it when I get home at lunch time”

“Well look I need to know where it is now.   I might just have to get another wine company to fill the order this time around.”


I hang up.   Argghhhhh.  Great start.  I ring Tahlia’s school and try to see if they have left on camp yet.  The phone goes out of range mid call.  I try the other phone, it works.  I round the corner and the first phone comes back into range and rings.  Uh oh, I leave the school call and answer.  A bloke tells me the tastings were fantastic and to pop in to set up an order.   “Super,” I say and hang up.  I go back to the school call ‘ “Call lost.”  I realise I didn’t even ask the other guy’s name.  Hopefully Aaron will know what that was about.   And by now the teenagers are getting a bit far ahead.

A text message:  a couple of cases need picking up from Wine Bottlers and delivering to the couriers. 

Crikey I’ll have to do that after I get Finn from school. 

So I am managing Fiasco, my teaching work, my children…I just wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m mastering any of it!


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