Google Maps

I see that Google street maps are now about for New Zealand.  I tried to find our place but it appears there have been no shots taken yet at street level for 69 Blicks Lane.  We have escaped the roaming eye of the google machine for now.  However, back in 2007 we were captured on google map’s bird’s eye view –  here we are surrounded by vines.  We are the house in the middle with some lovely big old natives surrounding our backyard.  As you can see it’s great for us on a day like today that our neighbours both have pools! 

I’ve read that there have been some privacy issues surrounding google ‘street view’ shots as people have been able to make out number plates of cars and some have been captured in places they didn’t want others knowing about.  And what do people use google maps for –  I’ve heard of burglars checking out places and I see that real estate adverts now have google map references on them.  At least the shots are just a snapshot – and not live satellite images.  But how long before we are all under complete live google surveillance?   What are the privacy rules around all this?  How close are they allowed to zoom in?  Do we need to put a “Piss off Google” sign on our roof?  I mean if our shot had been just a little closer you could have seen the grass that has recently sprouted in the roof gutters and then I’m guessing the gutter cleaning advertisers would’ve been onto us!


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