Very serious is wine sometimes

The terms ‘terroir’, and ‘handcrafted’ are used a lot in the winemaking world, and seem to invoke a certain seriousness.   I don’t really know why, but the later (handcrafted) seems to really rub me up the wrong way when I see it proclaimed on wine bottles.  Wine to me is not (hand) chiselled out of wood or formed by bending, or twisting steel, but simply grown.  

For us at FIASCO it’s not always about how the wine is made, but what we get out of it.  Most importantly, FIASCO represents us (those that know us will know what I mean 🙂 )




1 Response to “Very serious is wine sometimes”

  1. November 26, 2008 at 3:58 am

    Thanks for explaining the handcrafted scene in New Zealand wines.
    Maybe hand-picked would show the seriousness compared to machine harvested? But then you could also compare between:
    hand planted vs. machine planted
    hand pruned vs. machine pruned
    bud rubbing by hand vs. bud rubbing by machine
    tucking in shoots by hand vs. tucking in by machine
    deleafing by hand vs. deleafing by machine
    green harvest by hand vs. green harvest by machine

    You should see the possibilities of machinery we have over here in Europe.
    e.g. http://blog.johner.de/2008/07/sommer-am-kaiserstuhl/
    That’s also why and how some of the countries with high wages are able to produce wine at very low costs…

    And hmmm… it’s damn expensive to grow grapes in the Wairarapa!

    By the way. Yesterday, flowering started with our Pinot Noir after a hot Sunday!


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