A Fun Filled Fiasco!

Well Aaron survived the Queen Charlotte Fiasco and completed his sea kayak in appalling conditions.  I had to sympathise with the race organisers too as after days of calm blue skies, race day was gusty, cold and rainy with rough seas to boot.  White caps were breaking on the Picton foreshore so the kayaking course was changed slightly.  The kayakers hit the water very unsure about where they were supposed to be going and despite the course change, kayak after kayak capsized.  Previously the lads had been bemoaning their big old hefty, slow double sea kayak and enviously eying up the flash slick, light racing vessels of their opponents.  So of course they enjoyed pulling the ‘hare and tortoise’ move on all those capsized speedsters.   Shortly after Aaron and Gordon completed their paddle, the organisers made the call to can the kayak leg altogether.   I think it was a wise move, albeit disappointing for some competitors.    I suspect even in these days of ‘sign your life away’ on entry forms, the organisers must still make every effort to keep people safe.    So it literally was a fiasco with people being rescued from choppy seas all over the show, a cyclist wound up at hospital and then after a three hour wait in the wind and rain for prize-giving they mucked up and announced the wrong guy as winner.  But, hey – the organisers were up against it with terrible weather and regardless the competitors certainly had a memorable adventure and still had a smile on their face at the end of the day.  I’ve included some photos below – I find it amusing to give our seven year old the camera and set him free in the crowd … so most shots are low angle and what grabs his attention is often different to the status quo…

He kicked off with a Finn’s eye view of the nervous boys pre-race. 

Finn’s eye view of spectators 😉 – a sum up of the chilly, slightly anxious spectator above and below – well, some scary shot of kid’s height view of competitors!  And to finish, his action pics of his favourite characters – someone’s pet dog and his old man!


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