Queen Charlotte Classic

Aaron’s just home from another supermarket wine tasting and another good result, but there’s no rest to be had.  Tomorrow morning is the Queen Charlotte Fiasco Classic.  When he’s not trying to sell our wine, Aaron works making the stuff for Indevin (a contract wine making company) and tomorrow they have several teams entered in this multisport event.  In teams of three or four they will run 14 km, cycle 30 km and sea kayak 8 km, all around the beautiful Queen Charlotte Sound.  Now Aaron signed up enthusiastically for this event, declaring with great gusto that he would tackle the hardest leg and do the run.  Training got off to a flying start and folk down Blicks Lane thought they were seeing things as Aaron pounded the pavements.  But alas, it wasn’t to last.  Man flu hit and the routine was broken, then of course came all sorts of excuses, things like work, hangovers, sore muscles, bad weather, good tele…you get the idea 😉 

But the event drew nearer and the rest of the Indevin team were training, what was poor Aaron to do…moan to his wife of course and beg her to sort out this mess!  And so it was that I advertised at my work for a keen runner.  Much to our delight Ian Thomas volunteered.  Ian is a PE teacher and is a running legend, in fact Marlborough’s Harrier of the year and one speedy dude.  Aaron, not wanting to miss all the fun, has conned the kayaker (winemaker Gordon Ritchie) into using a double kayak so they can paddle for the finish together.  Meanwhile their poor cyclist, winemaker Sarah Burton, is no doubt freaking out about the possibility of being first off on the bike leg.  Just when she thought it would be fine to have no idea where one was going and to cruise with the pack!   All in all it should be an entertaining race – three winemakers & a Harrier.  Regardless of the outcome we plan to enjoy a party afterwards 🙂


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