I’m very aware today that my children share their St Mary’s school community with friends who are having to come to terms with losing their mother.    On Friday Janet McLean lost an ongoing battle with cystic fibrosis, and as such our hearts go out to her two young daughters and husband.  And only last year, St Mary’s grieved the loss of Jo McFarlane to cancer, another young mother that also had to face leaving behind three beautiful children and a loving husband.    We knew Jo well and every now and again there are moments when the grief hits you, usually times and places that you knew Jo would’ve been at with bells on, if just she could.    It makes you grateful to be able to stand on the sideline in the cold wind and yell encouragement to your kids’ sports teams.  I can make no sense of why such things happen, it seems horribly unfair and unlucky to me, but it hits home that these things do happen and that makes you put things in perspective.  In terms of running a business, it’s a reminder that life is too precious to let work take over.  With that, I’m off the computer and going for a walk with the kids and our mischievious hound, a beagle named Bella.


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