What women want…

Women tend to outstrip men when it comes to purchasing wine from places such as supermarkets.  I guess this makes sense because most men (jokers) are generally not interested in trapsing around boring shop isles.    How do you ladies cut through it all i.e. the bombardment of brands when there are hundreds of different cereals, half an aisle of soapy cosmetic stuff and more importantly  – zillions of different wines?  Does the colour pink have any effect on the purchase?  Someone invented pink tool belts which I thought was a bit insulting, considering blokes tool belts aren’t coloured baby blue.  But no, I don’t understand women – these pink tool sets have been flying off the shelves.  

And it’s not just women buying the wine, it seems that in plenty of households women now manage the finances.  It is the women who put wine and shoes high on the budget, but how do I make sure they buy my wine?  My wife says its all about communication … isn’t it always!

Cheers, Aaron


6 Responses to “What women want…”

  1. October 22, 2008 at 8:42 pm

    Your wife would be right.
    I have to say it’s getting really hard for me as someone who doesn’t really know anything at all about wine to make any sort of informed choice when I pull something off the shelf. So I end up going for what’s on special (somehow I think I’m saving money rather than spending it), or something I’ve tasted and it was good.
    However, please don’t follow the example of the last guy who offered me a wine tasting by saying ‘you look like you could really do with this’… (translates in the female mind to ‘you look like crap’).. it’s all about the communication!

    Signed, the happy owner of a pink toolset.

  2. 2 Brennan (Blenheim) Nelson, call me Blen!
    October 25, 2008 at 4:35 pm


    I’m on a roll with this blog!

    It’s a “fiasco”.

    My dearest wife comes from a very strange family where “water turns into wine!”. I, on the other dark side, come from a family where “wine turns into water”. “Ya! Just pee it out during the night!”

    The previous post points out that he is getting “hard” on wine and responds to so much more!

    As an owner of a pink toolset, I suggest he continue to explore his Y side and communicate (sic)

    What a great post …

    I’m onto my second bottle!

  3. 3 fiascowines
    October 25, 2008 at 4:49 pm

    Hey Blen!

    Welcome to the blog and thanks for the phone call too! Glad you are enjoying the wine – I guess your comments will just keep getting better 😉
    I laughed at the ‘water to wine’ and ‘wine to water’ – I have friends and family on both sides of that one too 🙂 I should tell you that ‘flendolyn’ is female so you needn’t get too concerned about the colour of ‘his’ toolset (crikey that sounds a bit dodgy!).

  4. 5 Hainesy
    October 27, 2008 at 2:47 pm

    Hey WM + WMW

    Congrats Uncle and Aunty!

    Great job at New World!

    Willie and I share the wine-buying burden in our household, primarily because he prefers red and I like white.

    Willie would have you believe that I choose wine solely on an aesthetic basis (ie groovy label, funky bottle etc) and while that may be partially true it is certainly not the whole story. In the past, I have been burnt far too many times with my shallow ways!!! Often my beautiful pink-labelled bottles, sprinkled with glitter, just don’t live up to expectations. Many a time, I have found myself gagging over the sink, wishing I had left the bottle unopened and kept it purely for ornamental purposes.

    I am no wine guru, so I value the opinions and recommendations of others in the wine selection process. I am quite a fan of choosing bottles adorned with stickers (ie medals from wine awards and the like) and in a few places I shop, some brands come complete with informative shelf tags, which I find helpful. Sometimes these tags suggest a food match, tell a cute story, or feature a blurb from a wine critic etc. Come to think of it, these habits probably make me a marketing dream!

    Aaron, just for the record, I have a pink tool-belt, purple tools (a gift from your beloved wife) and a pink fishing rod. Gotta love it!

    Happy Labour Day!
    H x

  5. 6 fiascowines
    October 27, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    Man I’m slow today – only just got the WM and WMW! That’s interesting about the tags, have heard that they are helpful from others too. I think having medal stickers would help too, just need to beat about 1000 other labels and win some 🙂
    I think at the end of the day, many buyers are open to trying a wide variety of labels so that’s probably why the tasting in the supermarket went well, having the winemaker to chat with was enough to tip the balance in our favour.
    Hey – do you get Labour Day or an equivalent in Oz? I used to love Australian public hols, there was even a Picnic Day, when I lived in the NT.

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