Back into the fiasco

It’s been a bit of a shock getting back into the fiasco after a fortnight of school hols.  Back to the early morning chaos of getting everyone up and sorted, back to work and teaching a hectic term with exams and reports on the way, back to racing around taking the kids to Tae-kwon-do, to St Johns, to softball, to jazz.  Back to coaching Tahlia’s school Touch rugby team, back to organising the college Multisport team, back to Board of Trustees meetings, back to getting the kids bathed and their reading done each night, back to the fiasco of everyday family life! 

Once you get a routine going it’s all achievable but with children of course, things are never predictable.  The school rang yesterday to say Finn had gotten something stuck in his eye – so there was an A & E trip to schedule..an hours wait, a rolled back eyelid and a tiny piece of wood removed.  But the kids redeemed themselves today by sorting out tea – I left them in the car while I ran into the supermarket and when I came back out they said, “Guess what, we just used your cell phone to win 2 large pizzas on the radio”  “What was the question?” I asked.  “What do people spend a quarter of their life doing?”  The answer they correctly guessed was “sitting.”  So if half our life is spent sleeping and a quarter sitting, well I can’t really moan about being busy now can I!


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