Recovering from shock

A number of you have been asking when you can get your mits on some wine to try.    I need to warn you about something called bottle shock.  This is the trauma the wine goes through when it is suddenly uprooted from the comfortable, settled world of its tank and pumped through pipes and hoses into bottles, loaded into cases and shipped across the countryside.  It’s not surprising that after such a rattle up the wine needs time to settle back down.  It’s like the wine has been broken and needs time to re-gather and find itself – and all without a therapist 😉  So, as with people who have had their world rocked, I would advise you to be patient, don’t judge too quickly, trust that there are some beautiful characteristics in there and give it time to come together.

This is advice I’m shortly going to have to take heed of as I’m soon to go and pick my daughter up from Picton.  She will be over-tired and I have to confess to her that last night we had fiasco regarding her very precious pet mice.  We awoke in the night to hear all sorts of noise coming from  her bedroom.  Aaron crept out (I didn’t envy the burglar about to be confronted by tired grumpy fella with man-flu) only to discover Tahlia’s mouse cage over-turned, the lid off, our pet cat looking very guilty, and no sign of the mice.  I had promised to look after the mice, and now I suspect that after dutifully feeding them last night I can’t have secured the lid on the cage properly.   Now I was never keen for her to get mice to start with, but I softened when I recalled my own childhood.  My family still have me on about how I once rescued a field mouse that had its leg caught in the mousetrap they had set.  I tried to splinter it and kept it in a sock while I attempted unsuccessfully to nurse it back to health.  And so Tahlia has inherited a love for animals and she has had one of these two mice for about three years.  She adores it, guilt, guilt, guilt …at what point do I tell her – arghhhh.

We hope to have our website up and running soon so you can order wine from there.   And to the neighbours who we had the joy of taking some over to yesterday – don’t drink it just yet!  It was good to finally have something to exchange with the Ballaghs who share great veges from their organic garden and make a wicked  ‘Ballagh Boys’ home made organic olive oil – mmmm.  I love rural living 🙂


3 Responses to “Recovering from shock”

  1. October 10, 2008 at 11:18 am

    Oh bummer! That’s totally reminded me of my childhood pets: I came home to find my frogs (which mum never wanted me to have, but a sneaky ploy with a friend meant they were ‘gifted’ to me – hehehe) missing. After a short search I noticed the cats looking a little too excited in the backyard…
    Mum had decided it was time to move the frogs on, and had ‘set them free’ in the backyard. However she also went and found the cats and put them in the backyard to ensure she had a frog-free house….
    To say I was mad was the understatement of the century!

  2. November 12, 2008 at 9:24 am

    You write very well.

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